May 29

Seven premium British English lessons available (£2 per month)

There are now seven premium lessons available on http://www.learnbritishenglish.co.uk/


They all feature a video with captions, a full transcript PDF, and an exercise sheet and answer sheet.


The last lesson is about British English swear words. This might be rude and offensive, but having discussed it with students it was agreed that it would be useful. Here’s the page:



To access all seven lessons, you need to become a member here:



  1. Aleksandra Menshikova

    Hello Chris,
    it’s very nice what you’re doing, your lessons are very interesting and useful for me and my pronounciation, espacialy because i’m in love with Great Britain.
    I woulf like to ask you about this membership, do you have another lessons except these 7 presented? It’s more that 1 year that i follow you, but no more new exercises and new texts. Could you be so kind to inform me about the latest news.
    Thank you in advance.
    Take care!

    1. ChrisWorkman

      Hi Aleksandra,

      Thank you. I don’t have any more lessons planned for now, so I recommend that you save the links to the videos and documents (but please don’t share with anyone else) and then cancel your membership. You can find more information about Skype lessons under the tab on the website.

      Kind regards,


      1. Aleksandra Menshikova

        Hello Chris,
        There is almost a year that I’m following you! I’m not a studious pupil, I know, but I’m very impressed and passionate of the case you do. I adore British English, England, all your traditions, your Queen, weather, people and architecture, monuments, London Eye, Buckingham palace, holland park, swans and so on.. Now i’m very excited of planing my travel to the UK, I would like to pop over the GREAT Britain, go around all the island by car, enjoy to the full views on rocks, little villages, collins, sheeps, lighthouses and sunsets)
        And I will be honored to see you personally! I will pass all the week in England so I’m planning my route go around the island starting this Sunday. If you don’t have plans it would be very great to see each other and have a lunch or dinner, and, of corse, to make our friendship )

        If You don’t really mind please let me know mailing me to alexamenshikova@gmail.com. Thank you in advance!

        Best regards,
        Your student from Russia, Moscow, Aleksandra