Aug 25

Learn to Write in English: Free Writing Video Tutorial

In this lesson, I teach you how to write the English alphabet in handwriting:



  1. Jovanna Ovando Ruiz

    I think that the video bring handwriting back. You know, handwriting is a process that is becoming extinct little by little. We type everyday using laptops, mobiles, tablets, etc. Typing almost everything… For me, besides of learning examples of “upper and lower case”, the real essence, core of the video is what you showed.

    And you’ll have always my support for this great work you do every day.

    Best wishes.


    1. ChrisWorkman

      Thanks for your kind message. Have a nice week.

  2. FavourFavournon

    I love the tutorial. But would advice you to scan the written written example at the end of the video so viewers get a clear view at the end of it., and would also request a copy sent to my mail please. @ favourdsky@gmail. Thanks

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