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  1. Jack Elgos

    Here’s a fuller explanation, especially for non-Brits of the Yorkshire (Northern England) dialect explained.
    Have fun – Jack Elgos, author of The Reunion.

    Afore = Before

    All’us = Always

    An’ all = And all. A uniquely Yorkshire expression meaning “too” or “as well”.

    ‘Annit = Hasn’t it.

    Anyroad = Anyhow, anyway.

    Ayup = Hello. It can also be used as a warning, such as “ayup, the cops are coming”. If the second syllable is stressed it would indicate mild surprise. “Ayup, what’s goin’ on ‘ere then?’

    Bevy = Drink

    Bleedin’ = Bleeding – A mild curse word even your Mam wouldn’t mind you using

    Bloke = Man/Feller/Fellow

    Bloody = Mild curse word, as in Bloody Hell

    Bogs = Toilets

    Bollocks = Testicles, but it is generally used for something bad or as an expression of shock or disappointment. “Oh dear” or “damn it” could be ‘oh bollocks”. In the past tense, sometimes spelled bolloxed, it indicates something broken, often beyond repair. This should not be confused with “The dog’s bollocks” which means that something is very good indeed.

    Bugger = Blast, Damn, Oh Dear. Can also refer to a person, such as “the poor old bugger”, or just an object as in, “that bugger over there”.

    Bugger It = Forget It, leave It.

    Bugger me = Well I never. Well I’ll be blowed.

    Buggered = Broken. Any item that no longer works, or referring to someone (or yourself) who’s simply tired and worn out.

    Bung = To place or to put

    Chucked = Thrown or Threw, unless followed by the word Up

    Chucked Up/Chucking Up/Chuck UP = Vomited/Vomiting/I’d move if I were you

    Chuffin’ = Chuffing, a mild swear word similar to “bloody”.

    Cocka/Owd Cocka/Me Owd Cocka = Friend/Old Friend/My Old Friend

    Deed = Died – Them there Dodo’s ‘ave all gone an’ deed off tha knows.

    Dickey Bird = Word. Not exactly a Yorkshire term and it seems we may have actually wogged this from the Londoners. (See “wogged” below)

    Din’t = Didn’t/did not

    Donkey’s Years/Donkey’s Yonks = A long time, the implication being that donkeys live for a very long time. I’m not sure if they do or not.

    Dosh = Money

    Dunnit = Doesn’t It

    Dunt = Doesn’t and can sometimes mean don’t.

    Ee By Gum = Well, I never

    Eck = Heck, a mild form of Hell. Also ‘eckers like to stress the fact that something hasn’t happened. Did they bring a shovel? Did they ‘eckers like.

    Fag/Fags = Cigarette(s) General British term

    Flummoxed = Totally Confused. Don’t Understand

    Friggin’ = Mild form of the F word

    Gerroff = Get off!

    Ginnel = Alley, Alleyway

    Gob = Mouth

    Guz = Goes

    Innit = Isn’t it

    ‘Kin ‘ell = The shortened, slang version of Fucking Hell

    Lass = Girl, often a term of affection, but can also be used as an insult when said to a man – tha’s performin’ just like a lass. (See tha below)

    Mi’sen = Myself

    Manky = Not very nice, could be smelly, could be ugly (see Combination below)

    Minger/Mingin’ = Ugly/Unattractive/A Downright Dog
    In combination – Bloody ‘ell lad, she were a rait manky owd minger tha shagged last neet (See “neet” and “shagged” below)

    Mitherin’ = Mithering. A unique Yorkshire word for bothering or worrying.

    Na’ then = Now then – hold on a minute or listen to what I’m about to say.

    Neet = Night

    Nick = Jail, but it can also mean to steal something – Did some bugger nick it? Aye, It’s been nicked

    Ont’ = On The

    Owd = Old

    O’er = Over

    Owt = Anything

    Naff = pathetic, useless.

    Nowt = Nothing

    Parky = Cold. Rait Parky = Really Cold. Rait Bleedin’ Parky = Really Really Cold

    Puff/Poof/Poofta/Poofters = Homosexual(s)

    Rait = Right

    Reckon = I Think/I Would Imagine/My Thoughts Are

    Sarky = Sarcastic.

    Sen = Self

    Shag/Shagged/Shagger = Fuck, Fucked, Fucker

    Shite = Same meaning as Shit, but Shite just seems to be far more expressive

    Sithee = I’ll see you – “sithee Friday”.

    Skint = Has no money.

    Soddin’ = Sodding – Mild curse word

    Spade = Negro. Can be an insulting or friendly term for any black man, depending how it is said, who it is said to, and by whom.

    Summat = Something

    Tetley’s = Brown Beer, better known as Bitter and brewed in Leeds, Yorkshire.

    Tosser = Literally a masturbator, but often used to describe a low life type of person (also see Wanker)

    Thee/Tha/Thy = You

    Thi = Your

    Thine = Yours

    Thi’sen = Yourself

    Train Spotter = (See “Wanker”)

    Twat = Pussy – the special girlie bit found just south of the waist. Usually used as a strong swear word (definitely don’t say this in front of your Mam) or to indicate somebody really idiotic. Very important – this is pronounced with a flat A, as in cat, and not an O sound resulting in Twot, which would only suggest something mildly naff (see naff above)

    Twazzock = A less offensive version of Twat

    Umpteenth = Lots of. Many times

    Wanker = Masturbator, frequently used for an idiot or stupid person. However, when said jokingly to a friend, it indicates strong affection and is a term of endearment.

    Wi’ = With

    Wi’out = Without

    What’s up? = Hey, what’s happening? Hello, how are you? Hi, is everything all right? Do you have a problem?

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