Jun 27

Learn British English Free (video): “th” sound pronunciation practice

In this free British English pronunciation lesson, Chris helps you practise the two “th” sounds /ð/ (voiced) and /θ/ (unvoiced).

The first thing that they think of is this.

Though the thought thrashed through the thing

Thinking things were dithering

Thrift to thrive the thatcher thought

The thorough Thames thwacked the throat

Thither the wither thaws the moth

The thistle, the brother both froth.

Thinly thought-out theories throw worth

thicker than thou through the mirth.

Thither the thistle thought the thaw,

thwarting things throughout therefore.

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  1. Veronica Galdieri

    Thank you Chris!

    1. ChrisWorkman

      You’re always welcome, Veronica.

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