Nov 23

Free English video lesson: “Never Ever”


In this lesson, I explain how to use the words “never” and “ever”, giving many examples. Please see below for more:


Learn English: Never Ever?


Use “ever” and “never” before the verb (after the pronoun / tense construct)


“Have you ever been there / done that?” (Have you once in your life?)


“Have you ever been there?” “No, I’ve never been there.”


“Have you ever been there?” “Yes, once.”


“I’ve never been there” = “I haven’t been there once”


Ever = all time


“I’ve only ever been there once (in my whole life)”


“Ever” for emphasis:


“It’s the best place I’ve ever been.”


“That was the best film I’ve ever seen.”


Do not ever do that = Never do that


Don’t ever, ever do that = Never ever do that (use extra “ever” for emphasis)


“I’ve never, ever been there” (emphasising that you haven’t been there once)

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