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Free English Lesson: Cambridge News (Vocabulary, Listening, Reading)

This is a lesson by Chris. Please read below the video and enable captions.

Title: Cambridge Rainbow vegetarian cafe does not accept new £5 note

(Original article changed by Chris)



New £5 note (slang: fiver)

Currency (noun): money

Animal products (noun): material made from parts of dead animals

Policy (noun): rules made by a company

Tallow (noun): a type of animal fat (animal product)

Bank of England: England’s central bank which controls our money

Ethical (adjective): someone or something that acts in the right way (with ethics)

Mystified (adjective): very confused

Repulsive (adjective): disgusting


Cambridge Rainbow vegetarian cafe does not accept new £5 note


A vegetarian cafe is refusing to accept the new £5 note after it emerged the currency contains animal products.


The owner of the Rainbow Cafe in Cambridge has put up signs warning customers about the policy.


There was anger from some vegetarians and religious groups when it was revealed the material used for the notes contains tallow – a type of animal fat.


The Bank of England declined to say whether it was the law to accept the notes.


The owner said she had made a “promise” to customers that the cafe was an ethical place.


“Tallow is an animal product. Our whole business is based around not having anything like that here,” she said.


The signs have been put at the cafe entrance.


She said she was “mystified” by the meat content in the currency, and added:


“This is so repulsive… we are actually going to have to say that we can’t accept the notes in our restaurant.”


Since the signs went up on Wednesday no customers had complained, she said.


Other questions


  1. Do you think the café is right? Why? Why not?
  2. Are you a vegetarian? Why? Why not?


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