Oct 06

Free British Accent Training Video 44: Southern English Accents


Free British Accent Training: Received Pronunciation vs Southern English vs Westcountry


In this lesson, I discuss how to pronounce the “a” vowel sound (/æ/ or /ɑ:/) in English in received pronunciation, southern English and Westcountry accents. Please see below.


Those who speak in received pronunciation (not very common) pronounce the “a” in certain words quite long and low (?).


Note: Received pronunciation is not spoken by many English people and sounds a tad “posh”. It is not as common as most people think.


People speaking in a generic southern English accent (e.g. me) make that sound a bit longer and higher (?).


People from the English “Westcountry” (e.g. Somerset) often have a particular way of pronouncing the “a” vowel sound. It’s long and the mouth is wide when speaking.


“Grass”; “Bath” (city); “Tractor”; “Somerset”


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  1. João Leite

    This is something I see when speaking to a lot of native speakers, but to be frankly that doesn’t spoil the content of a conversation, unless when we don’t have a good command of English.
    Don’t you think so?
    Good night.

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