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Jul 11

Learn English Grammar (visual): must; have to; must not; don’t have to; need not

Chris explains the difference between ‘must’, ‘have to’, ‘must not’, ‘don’t have to’ and ‘need not’ (needn’t). For Dani. See visual below.



Obligation: yes.

Do you do it? Yes.

‘You must go to all your classes’.


Have to

Obligation: yes.

Do you do it? Yes.

‘I have to go shopping’.


Must not

Obligation: yes.

Do you do it? No.

‘You must not smoke at school’.


Do not (don’t) have to

Obligation: no.

Do you do it? You choose.

‘You don’t have to come later’.


Need not (needn’t)

Obligation: no.

Do you do it? You choose.

‘You needn’t come later if you don’t want to’.



must = have to

don’t have to = needn’t = don’t need to

Must etc Jul 18 JPEG

Jul 01

Learn Modern English Grammar (video): ‘this’ and ‘that’

When to use ‘this’ or ‘that’ by Chris. Thanks, Evgeny!

We only use ‘this’ for something physical that is near us. We use ‘that’ to refer to any subject or object otherwise, such as these examples:

‘I don’t want this one; I want that one.’

‘Uruguay beat Portugal in the round of 16.’
‘Yes, I saw. That was a great performance.’

‘The sunny weather’s going to continue for another couple of weeks. What do you think about that?’

Ask someone’s opinion: ‘What do you think about that?’

‘Should I wear this hat to the party on Friday?’
‘Ou – I’m not sure about that.’

Jul 23

English Grammar (visual lesson): ‘Teach’ or ‘Learn’?

A teacher teaches students.

A student learns from their teacher.

INCORRECT: the teacher learns the student.

Teach Learn JPEG

Jul 02

Learn British English Free (video lesson): stand up / sit down

Learn British English Free: stand up; sit down

Stand / stand up

I stand up.

I am standing (up).

She stands up.

They all stood up when the judge entered the room.

Sit / sit down

I sit down on my chair to work.

I am sitting down.

*Stands up* I was sitting down.

Can I sit down? I’ve been standing up for ages.

I sat down to wait for the doctor.

Common mistakes:

INCORRECT: I am sat down. CORRECT: I am sitting down.

INCORRECT: we were stood quietly. CORRECT: we were standing quietly.

Oxford Dictionaries Blog.

May 23

Learn English Grammar: Remember or Remind

Remember or remind?

Tom remembers something (by himself)

Jane reminds Tom to do something and Tom then remembers

Remember Remind JPEG

Mar 05

Learn English: lend or borrow (visual lesson)

Borrower: I need money. Can I borrow money from you? Can you lend me money?

Lender: I can lend you money. You can borrow money from me.

Lend Borrow JPEG

Mar 02

English Prepositions: go to a place and be in a place


Feb 25

Visual English Grammar: Enough; Too Much; Too Many

Enough = the amount I want and / or need:

Enough Too Much Too Many JPEG

Feb 07

Visual Grammar: By; At; On; In for Time

By; At; On; In for Time in English:

By At On In Time JPEG

Feb 03

English Grammar: Used to Do Something or Be Used to (Doing) Something (Visual)

English Grammar: Used to Do Something or Be Used to (Doing) Something (Visual)

Used to Do Be Used to Doing JPEG

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