Apr 28

British English rain expressions visual

We’re approaching May and starting to look ahead to the summer. In the UK, this means a bit of sun, temperatures roughly between 10 and 20 degrees, and lots of rain. What is summer like in your country?


Please find below a Learn British English visual featuring expressions involving “rain”. At least one of the them, “rain check”, is American in origin but used here as well so I thought I should include it. If you need further explanations, please ask.

Rain expressions JPEG


  1. Angelo

    In my country (Italy), the summer is very hot, especially in August, with more sun and few rainy days.

  2. Michel Favard

    “The rain in Sapin falls mainly on the plain” is taken from GB Shaw’s ‘Myfair Lady’, It was a tongue twister to educate the young flowermonger, but I don’t think many people say that in an every day conversation!!!

    1. ChrisWorkman

      Hi Michel, you’re right. It’s like a children’s expression. Useful to know for pronunciation practice in fact as many of the vowel sounds are the same.

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