English Lessons on Skype

British English lessons on Skype are taught by Chris, the teacher from www.learnbritishenglish.co.uk

Chris is a native speaker of British English and has lived in the UK all his life. He also holds a CELTA teaching qualification from the Bell School of Languages in Cambridge, where he lives. Please see below for lesson subjects and prices:


Lesson Subjects

1) British Accents and Pronunciation

2) British English Vs American English and Others

3) British Slang

4) Communication

5) Collocations

6) Practice for the IELTS Speaking Test


Lessons are 60 minutes (one hour) long


Lesson Costs

£22.00 for one conversation lesson (for one hour)

£28.00 each for other English lessons (grammar; vocabulary)

Email Chris to discuss and arrange: cjworkman17@yahoo.com


Proof Reading

For essays, coursework, reports, emails.

The charge is £1 per 100 words.

For example:

100 words cost £1.00

200 words cost £2.00


Payment accepted via bank transfer and Paypal.

To arrange lessons or for more information, please email Chris: cjworkman17@yahoo.com


More Information about Other Lessons with Chris

IELTS Test Exam Preparation

Job & University Interviews, Applications, CV’S (Resumés)

Proof Reading (writing correction) and Paraphrasing



  1. Darin

    Interesting lessons.
    Great job! Teacher Chris.

    1. ChrisWorkman

      Cheers, m’dears.

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