Aug 19

Band 5 Staff Nurse Jobs and Vacancies at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, England, UK


Find jobs: http://cuh.healthjobsuk.com/job_list/s1/Nursing_midwifery

Read more: http://www.cuh.org.uk/corporate-information/working-for-us/nursing-with-us

Email: nursing@addenbrookes.nhs.uk


Welcome to registered nurses across the world.


My name is Chris and I work in recruitment at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, England.


I want you to know that we have lots of jobs for competent, qualified nurses available all the time.


We have adverts open constantly for every ward and department, such as:


Emergency Department


Critical Care






Cancer and Haematology




and many more.


Please visit the website below and apply for your desired area:




And this page gives you more information about nursing at Addenbrooke’s:




We also offer relocation assistance for people who move a long way to work here.


That means you get £1,000 from us if you do that.


Then, when you work here, you can get more money by referring a friend who gets a job here, too!


To learn more and speak to our friendly and helpful Nurse Recruitment team, please call (+44) 01223 256057 or (+44) 01223 217038.


And you can email us:




Please contact us and apply online for a job now.


We look forward to greeting you in Cambridge and working with you.


Take care.


See you soon.

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