Mar 30

A typical British weather story


This was written on 30 March 2013.


I thought I’d share with you the strange experience I had when I went out today.


The UK has had cold weather and snow for many months and it is still persisting, which is unusual at this time of year. So, it was no surprise that having been cold but still this morning, it started snowing very lightly before lunch.


I went out to walk through the city, but shortly after I left and was in the city, the snow turned into some kind of mild blizzard and I had to turn back.


When I was nearly home, it had stopped snowing completely, the sun was shining and I felt warmer than I had done for many weeks.


After I had been back home for a few minutes, I looked out of the window and saw that it was snowing a lot again.


A little later, it was sunny.


This is why British people often discuss the weather. Do you have a similar story to share from your country?


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  1. Inessa

    I am from Santos (Brazil), the weather here in my hometown, it is similar, although it is warm weather, sometimes in the morning it is raining and afternoon the sun appears and later on it begins to rain again! The umbrella is my best friend!!! lol

    1. ChrisWorkman

      Thanks, Inessa. If you come to the UK, be sure to bring your umbrella with you!

  2. Graciela Galasso

    Hi Chris! Due to my work I keep in contact with people in the UK every day. They usually think that here, in Buenos Aires, the weather is always warm and sunny. But this is far away from the truth.
    Very often we realise that the weather is very similar, eventhough we don´t have snow. Today for example, was cool in the morning, pouring with rain until midday and then, the sun broke up for an hour or so. Later on, was heavily raining again (in fact, it´s still raining) and we had foggy & a windy evening. We say here that we look like onions, because we have to wear many “lyers” of clothes and take them off during the day. Anyway I think that because of the global warming the weather is changing all over the globe. What do you think?

    1. ChrisWorkman

      Hi Graciela, yes global warming is a big issue. Since January it’s been freezing here and still is today, which is very strange for this time of year. We suspect global warming is a factor in these conditions too. Regards from England.

  3. Angelo Franchitto

    Hi Chris, I live in a little town in Italy where the weather is very particular. Usually the weather here it’s foggy all day for very months at the year. Especially during the autumn and winter, the weather in my town change most time at the day, and never is like in the towns here near. Other very particularly is that here don’t snow never.

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