Mar 18

Learn British English Free (video lesson): “dodge a bullet” idiom

Learn British English Free: British English lesson about dodge a bullet idiom.

To avoid a difficult situation or dangerous person.

EXAMPLE: I heard that girl I nearly went out with killed her new boyfriend with a toilet brush

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Mar 15

Learn British English Free (video): Academic Writing

Chris explains how to improve your academic writing. Request by Alley K on the Learn British English Page on Facebook.

General tips: general English and grammar; vocabulary; punctuation; paragraphing; paraphrasing; referencing; read other pieces of writing.

Academic Vocabulary in Use

BBC News style guide




How to prepare for your specific essay / piece of writing:

  1. Understand the question, expected structure and word count.
  2. Ask your teacher / lecturer for advice.
  3. Get your institution’s referencing style correct.
  4. Avoid plagiarism.
  5. Use this BBC guide.

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Mar 15

Learn British English Free (video): Coronavirus / COVID-19 Blog

Chris reads this Cambridge Dictionary blog entry on the Coronavirus – COVID-19 vocabulary and collocations for Learn British English Free on YouTube:

Mar 08

Learn British English Free (YouTube video): Special Pronunciation Lesson

In this special pronunciation lesson on Learn British English Free on YouTube, Chris practises the pronunciation of these ten words for T. Chen:

  1. Girl
  2. World
  3. Sixth
  4. Environment
  5. Worcestershire
  6. Murderer
  7. Isthmus
  8. Squirrel
  9. Receipt
  10. Chocolate

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Mar 07

Learn British English Free (video): Coronavirus Vocabulary: endemic; epidemic; pandemic

This is the Learn British English Free video lesson by Chris where he explains more about the Coronavirus – COVID-19 – and the terms endemic, epidemic and pandemic. Via YouTube:

Mar 02

English Vocabulary List 3 March 2020: Endemic; Epidemic; Pandemic

Please click below for the new vocabulary list, featuring important vocabulary for talking about the Coronavirus: endemic; epidemic and pandemic:

Vocab List 3 March 2020

Mar 01

Learn British English Grammar Free (video): Second Conditional with examples

This is a Learn British English Free lesson where Chris explains the concept and structure of the second conditional in English with examples.

“If I were you, I would (I’d) ask her out.”


Structure: If + subject + verb past tense…, subject + would + verb bare infinitive…

Or: Subject + would + verb bare infinitive… + if + subject + verb past tense…

(I would ask her out if I were you.)


Time: present or future (hypothetical)

Probability: extremely small

First conditional: If it rains tomorrow, I’ll stay inside (50% chance)

Second conditional: I’d stay inside if it were to snow tomorrow (very small chance)


Question for students: “If you were stuck on a desert island, what five things would you choose to have?”

“If I were stuck on a desert island, I would choose…”

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Feb 27

Learn British English Free (video): Help with Common Mistakes

In this Learn British English Free lesson, Chris explains some useful expressions and how to avoid common mistakes in the UK.

“Her daughter is six or seven years old.”

“I last saw him 30 or 40 years ago.”

“The flight could take nine or ten hours.”

Compound Adjectives for Duration

The drive takes four hours = it’s a four-hour drive

The appointment takes 15 minutes = it’s a 15-minute appointment

“Every now and then.”

“The defence is at sixes and sevens back there!”

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Feb 25

Learn British English Free (video): English Football (not “soccer”)

In this FREE British English lesson, Chris explains English football and the Premier League, as well as pronunciation practice: Football (not soccer, please): 11 players

Officials: referee; two linesmen; fourth official;

VAR (Video Assistant Referee) VAR: clear and obvious errors – penalties; goals; handballs; offsides??

Premier League Championship League One League Two FA Cup League Cup Champions League Europa League

Nicknames Manchester United = the Red Devils Arsenal = the Gunners

Stadium Names Chelsea’s stadium is Stamford Bridge Liverpool’s stadium is Anfield

Teams in the English Premier League – pronunciation practice

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Feb 17

Learn British English Free: Advanced Vocabulary List (with slang)

Please see below the 18 February 2020 upload of Chris’s vocabulary list, including new entries of formal and informal British words:

18 Feb 2020 English Vocab List

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