Dec 30

Learn British English Free: new year’s resolutions (happy new year 2019)

Happy new year! Chris explains ideas and structures for talking about your goals for the new year.

Via YouTube.

Nov 29

Learn British English Free (video): how to say long words

Please listen to Chris give advice about how to say some long words in English:

comfortable /ˈkʌm.ftə.bəl/

memory /ˈmem.ri/

marvellous /ˈmɑː.vləs/

chocolate /ˈtʃɒ.klət/

temperature /ˈtem.prə.tʃər/

magically /ˈmæ.dʒɪ.kli/

actually /ˈæk.tʃə.li/


attached /əˈtætʃt/

Nov 25

English Vocabulary List (25 November 2018)

Please see below for my new vocabulary list. These are advanced words that I am trying to learn and would like to share. There are new entries against ‘lazy’ (near the middle) as well as those at the end.

Remember you can click on blue, underlined words to go to the Cambridge Dictionary page for more information and audio for each term.

Vocabulary List

Nov 19

Learn British English Free (video): ‘annoyed’ and ‘nervous’ vocabulary; pronunciation; subtitles

This free lesson with Chris is about expressions for being annoyed and nervous, with pronunciation and English subtitles (captions).

English vocabulary list.


brassed ‘off /ˌbrɑːs ˈtɒf/

cheesed ‘off /ˌtʃiːz ˈdɒf/

fed ‘up /ˌfe ˈdʌp/

hacked ‘off /ˌhæk ˈtɒf/

‘hangry /ˈhæŋ.ɡri/

het ‘up /ˌhe ˈtʌp/


over’wrought /ˌəʊ.vəˈrɔːt/

‘rattled /ˈræt.əld/

stressed ‘out /ˌstres ˈtaʊt/

strung ‘up /ˌstrʌ ˈŋʌp/

‘twitchy /ˈtwɪtʃ.i/

Via YouTube.

Nov 18

English Vocabulary List (18 November 2018)

Please click below for the new English vocabulary list by Chris. Near the bottom, it includes British informal synonyms for ‘annoyed’ and ‘nervous’ which will be the subject of the following video lesson:

English Vocabulary List (18 November 2018)

Nov 11

Learn British English Free: special vocabulary quiz (video)

Chris presents a special quiz about British or American words. Please use subtitles / captions.
For private lessons, please email
autumn / fall
lift / elevator
soccer / football
trousers / pants
zip code / post code

Via YouTube.

Oct 22

Learn British English Free: vocabulary list 7

Please see below for the new English vocabulary list (22 October 2018):

click here

Oct 21

Learn British English Free: important phrasal verb – let someone know (video)

Chris explains how to use important phrasal verb let me / you know in British English.

It’s like ‘tell’ but softer / more polite. Please listen to Chris to know how to use it.

For commands:

Let me know.

Please let me know when you get the update.

For the future:

I’ll let you know tomorrow.

She’ll let you know next week.

With the past perfect:

They’ve let me know.

I’ve let him know.

Past simple: use ‘tell’

‘I told him yesterday.’

‘I told you so.’

Fixed expression: ‘Let me tell you something…’

Via YouTube.

Oct 16

Learn British English Free: vocabulary list 6

English vocabulary list 6. Please click below for a quick update including enthusiasm and new additions to ‘dishonest’ and ‘picturesque':

English vocabulary list 6 (click)

Oct 14

She Walks in Beauty – Lord Byron (British accent reading)

Chris reads ‘She Walks in Beauty’ by Lord Byron.

Via YouTube.

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