Sep 01

Learn British English: some very British idioms

Please find below five British English idioms with definitions and examples that I think might be useful for you to learn:


Across the pond

If something or someone is across the pond, or going across the pond, it is in or going to the U.S. “The pond” means the Atlantic Ocean.


“I wonder what our friends across the pond make of the vote not to take action against Syria?”


(Do something) for England / Britain

Means doing something a lot.


“My mother-in-law can talk for Britain.”


Not my cup of tea

Describes something we don’t like, or even hate.


“I’m sorry, football isn’t my cup of tea.”


To go pear-shaped

Something goes wrong.


“If you stop working hard, it’ll all go pear-shaped.”


(Something is) a piece of cake

If something is a piece of cake, it is very easy.


“As long as you study and practise a bit every day, learning English is a piece of cake.”


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    thank you it was interesting for me

  2. manel

    really it’s very important for people who study english as a foreign language

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