Mar 10

Learn British English Free (video): poem by Chris “Gone and Here”

Via YouTube. Please read words below the video:

Do you see what I have missed?

It was here and now is gone.

But you differ and insist

it is a chance to wait upon.


Others do not see and block

the path circling the ground.

Still, they cannot stop the clock

that always comes around.


On another worldly plane

possible sits true and clear,

echoing a strange refrain

that does not translate here.


Here, though, is an empty space –

envy turning the sky green.

Shadowy dark rears its face,

always present and unseen.


Present, also, is the truth,

although rarely well defined,

which forms a pale, flawless tooth

that joins the bite that shapes the mind.


Give to me, or maybe take

(not contained within this rhyme).

At each point the gestures make

true wholeness that we see with time.


We lose what was, gain what will be –

gifts we cannot separate.

Is pain the same as ecstasy?

All we must  do is wait.

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