Jul 26

Learn British English Free (video lesson): nine useful British Expressions

In this free British English lesson on YouTube, Chris explains nine useful expressions (some idiomatic) to enhance your vocabulary in different situations:

You’re busy (or too busy): I’ve got a lot on my plate / I’ve got too much on my plate.

At the start of a meal: Tuck in.

You really don’t know: I haven’t (got) the foggiest.

You’re feeling unwell: I’m under the weather.

To ask if someone’s feeling / getting better: Are you on the mend?

You’re annoyed or angry: I’m cheesed off. “My mother-in-law is proper cheesing me off.”

Can I help you: Do you need a hand? Do you want a hand?

To say “you’re welcome” to someone: Don’t mention it.

To ask someone how they are: How have you been?

Via YouTube:

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