Mar 04

Learn British English Free: phrasal verbs with fuck (rude)

fuck someone off ( Oh, fuck off. / Oh dear, you’ve fucked him right off.)

fuck someone over (The insurance company fucked me over.)

fuck with someone (Don’t fuck with Martin – he’s fucking crazy.)

fuck with something (Our car would probably still be running if you didn’t fuck with it all the time.)

fuck about (Would you stop fucking about for five minutes?)

fuck someone about (He would trust you if you hadn’t spent your whole life fucking him about.)

fuck around (He had to retake his first year of university as he spent it fucking around.)

fuck someone around  (Don’t fuck him around – just help him.)

fuck someone up (Give me a cup of tea or I’ll fuck you right up.)

fuck something up (You had a simple job to do but you still fucked it up.)

fuck up (I do apologise – I completely fucked that up.)

Via Youtube.

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