May 21

Emmanuel Macron Speech in a British Accent (video lesson)

Emmanuel Macron is the new President of France. He speaks English very well, but he makes some pronunciation errors.

Chris has recorded the speech in a British accent and pronunciation. Please watch Macron’s video using the link below and use the PDF document as well to see where the main errors are:

Macron’s speech (video)

Macron’s speech written PDF


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  1. Veronica Galdieri

    Wow! Very interesting work! Thanks Chris :)

    1. ChrisWorkman

      Always a pleasure.

  2. João Leite

    Hi Chris. This is my concern when I speak in English, especially to avoid any swear word a cause of pronunciation, even though I make a great effort to avoid it. Have a fucking gerat week!

    1. ChrisWorkman

      Cheers mate.

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