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Oct 14

Learn British English Free (video lesson): OED new words update Oct 2018

Chris reads the October 2018 new words blog:

Via YouTube.

Sep 23

Learn British English Free: vocabulary list 4

This is the latest version of Chris’s list, updated on 23 September 2018:

English vocabulary list (23 September 2018)

Sep 16

Learn British English Free: vocabulary list 3

Chris presents the new version of the English vocabulary list for advanced students, including definitions, pronunciation and links to the relevant Cambridge Dictionary page:

Click here

Aug 26

Learn British English Free: vocabulary list 2

The second English vocabulary list is ready for students C1 or higher. The list includes selected words and approximate synonyms, with phonetic transcriptions, word stress markings and links to many Cambridge Dictionary pages where you can hear the words pronounced.

This version features links to the British Council’s Countryside is Great worksheets and lesson plan, supplementing the vocabulary selection for beautiful scenery.

Please click here for the list: Vocabulary List 2 (26 August 2018)

Aug 23

Video lesson: Learn British English Free: ‘bitch’ – rude (subtitles / captions)

Chris explains some meanings of the word ‘bitch’.
pronunciation: ‘bitch’ or ‘beach’
a bitch (noun)
– female dog
– a complaint
– slang for an unkind or unpleasant woman (rude)
to bitch (about someone)
bitchy (adjective)

Via YouTube.

Aug 19

Learn British English Free: vocabulary list 1

Chris presents his first vocabulary list, featuring advanced vocabulary that he is studying

Please click here for the list:

Vocabulary list (19 August 2018)

Aug 05

Learn British English Free (video): ‘petrichor’ definition and pronunciation

Refreshing vocabulary lesson: ‘petrichor’ pronunciation: /ˈpɛtrɪkɔːr/

petrichor definition: the smell of rain on dry ground

example: ‘I love the smell of petrichor in the morning’

via YouTube

Jul 08

World Cup Fever: what does ‘it’s coming home’ mean?

Chris explains why English people always write ‘it’s coming home’ during the World Cup.

Football song by the Lightning Seeds and Baddiel and Skinner in 1996.

Three Lions (it’s coming home) music video:

30 years of hurt = 1966 – 1996 (30 years) – 52 years now!

The three lions = the England football team

That tackle by Moore = Bobby Moore

When Lineker scored = Gary Lineker

Bobby belting the ball = Bobby Charlton

Jul 08

Learn British English Free: Three Lions (it’s coming home) lyrics gap-fill

Please click here for my document where you can play the song below for students and have them try to fill in the missing words (25 total).

“Three Lions (it’s coming home)” by the Lightning Seeds, Baddiel and Skinner. Lyrics and gap-fill exercise for use in English lessons.

Jul 07

Learn British English Free: vocabulary for World Cup stages (visual)

World Cup Fever: vocabulary for World Cup stages

World Cup Stages JPEG

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