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Mar 30

Learn British English Free: Brexit Timeline (video)

Please watch this explanation by Chris and see this visual for the information:

Mar 20

Learn British English: Brexit Timeline

The UK voted to leave the European Union (EU) or to Brexit (British exit) in the referendum on 23 June 2016. However, we haven’t left the EU yet.
First, Prime Minister Theresa May has to do something called trigger Article 50 which means she writes to the EU to tell them the UK is leaving. Then there is a two-year negotiating period before the UK actually leaves.
Theresa May will trigger Article 50 on March 29, 2017. This means that the UK will leave the EU two years later in March, 2019. This is when Brexit will take place.
Brexit Timeline JPEG

Feb 19

Learn British English Free: Vocabulary for Car Pedals (visual)

Visual vocabulary: pedals in British cars (by Chris)

Car Pedals JPEG

Feb 08

Learn British English Free: Traffic Lights Vocabulary (Visual)

A visual about traffic lights (the British English name) and please be careful about the colour amber (not yellow):

Traffic Lights Vocab JPEG

Feb 05

Learn British English Free: Useful Objects at Home (Visual Lesson with Captions)

Please watch carefully as Chris presents and pronounces the names of many useful everyday objects we use at home:

Jan 15

Chris’s British English Poem (Part A)

Hello to you and don’t be skittish;
I’m not scatty; I’m just British.
We have fab words – one is “bloody”,
so is “mate” – but don’t say “buddy”.
You’re leaving forever? I’ll “see you later”.
Use the lift – not the elevator.
Sports are best played in your kit.
It won’t be ace if you blag it.
Learn this poem 100%
and improve your British accent.

Jan 08

Learn British English Free (video lesson): “The Crown” (Episode 1)

Please click here for my PDF document where I’ve written the explanation for each piece of vocabulary.


Jan 08

English Idiom: to not lose sleep over something (visual)

A very common English idiom:


Jan 02

Learn British English Free: 2017 (pronunciation video)

How to say 2017 in English:

Two-thousand and seventeen (formal)

Twenty-seventeen (informal)


Dec 30

Learn English Grammar: as [adjective] as [something]

Some easy examples of the form: as [adjective] as (a / an) [noun]


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