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Feb 07

Visual Grammar: By; At; On; In for Time

By; At; On; In for Time in English:

By At On In Time JPEG

Feb 03

English Grammar: Used to Do Something or Be Used to (Doing) Something (Visual)

English Grammar: Used to Do Something or Be Used to (Doing) Something (Visual)

Used to Do Be Used to Doing JPEG

Jan 08

English Idiom: to not lose sleep over something (visual)

A very common English idiom:


Jan 05

Learn English Grammar: you can’t imagine… (visual)

I think this is a useful one; used specially to emphasise how we are / how we’re feeling:


Dec 30

Learn English Grammar: as [adjective] as [something]

Some easy examples of the form: as [adjective] as (a / an) [noun]


Dec 29

As [Something] as a Potato (visual)


Dec 20

Learn British English Free: Uncountable Nouns

Please see the visual for some of the most common uncountable nouns in English with examples of use with quantifiers:


Dec 18

Learn British English Free: Countable / Uncountable Nouns and Quantifiers

Please see below for a flowchart showing some quantifiers you should use for countable and / or uncountable nouns:


Dec 16

English Collocations: “Asleep”

The weekend (Saturday and Sunday in the UK) is a time when lots of people like sleeping. These are some of the most common expressions we use to describe someone who’s asleep:

Deep asleep, fast asleep, sound asleep = completely asleep

Almost asleep, half asleep, nearly asleep = not completely asleep


Dec 15

Shopping Cart or Shopping Trolley

British English vs American English

Shopping trolley (British English)

Shopping cart (American English)


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