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Dec 21

UK Christmas Celebrations and Dates

Season’s greetings, everyone!


It is basically Christmas now in the UK. Our celebrations are:


24 December – Christmas Eve
25 December – Christmas Day (Bank Holiday)
26 December – Boxing Day (Bank Holiday)
31 December – New Year’s Eve
1 January – New Year’s Day (Bank Holiday)


Do you celebrate Christmas? What are your plans?


If you don’t celebrate Christmas, what normally happens in December?


Happy holidays!

Dec 08

Learn British English Free Google+ Page

Please like and follow the new Learn British English Google+ page for even more updates and free lessons daily:

Dec 04

British News: Union Jack (British Flag) with Scottish Blue Removed

The BBC have had a look into the potential impact on the Union Jack (British flag) if Scotland goes independent next year:

Nov 30

British English News: Helicopter Crash in Glasgow, Scotland

You may have already heard that there was a helicopter crash in Scotland last night, when a police helicopter crashed into a pub in the city of Glasgow.


Police have confirmed that at least one person has died, but more fatalities are expected.


Please use this link for the latest BBC updates on the incident.


This tragedy coincides with today being Saint Andrew’s Day, who is the patron saint of Scotland. Therefore, what would normally be a national celebration is, sadly, anything but.


This is the Google homepage today, with the design recognising Saint Andrew’s Day:


google st andrews

Nov 29

Learn British English Free Online –

As well as resources on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Google+, LinkedIn and more, please do check the main Learn British English website regularly:


There I post all the lessons I publish online, including British accent training videos, visual lessons, and material about British news, slang, idioms and much more.


Everything is free, so please join us, participate, share and invite your friends!


See you soon,



Nov 27

Learn British English: Scottish Independence Debate

The Scottish government (SNP) has revealed its plans and arguments for Scotland’s independence from the rest of the UK:

Nov 23

Learn British English: Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary


Do you watch “Doctor Who”?


The British television programme celebrates its 50th anniversary this weekend.


Broadcast by the BBC, it is popular in the UK and other countries around the world.



tardisThe story centres on the Doctor – someone who can travel through time and space as he wishes using his “Tardis”, which is in the form of an old British police box.


The Doctor regenerates every time he dies in a new form, meaning that the adventures continue and different actors have played the part over the years.


Doctor Who, with the aid of his assistant, travels across space and time having adventures and fighting various aliens.


The special episode airs at 1950 GMT tonight and will be broadcast in many countries around the world at the same time, probably in yours!


This is the list of BBC programmes shown over these two weeks as part of the celebration.

Nov 21

English Word of the Year 2013: “Selfie”

Learning English is never easy, especially as our language is growing and evolving continuously.


New words are added officially every year. It is a word invented recently which has been chosen as English word of the year for 2013, as explained in this article by Shanthi.


The word is “selfie”:

Nov 16

Learn British English Free on Google Plus / Google+

Please click here or use the link below to go to the new Google+ page where I will be posting all the free British English lessons from now on.

Nov 12

Learn British English on LinkedIn

Hi everyone,


I’m now looking to add Learn British English to LinkedIn in terms of posting material in a group on there.


I’m also happy for everyone to make me a contact to this end.


Please join this group to learn English on LinkedIn:


And add me as a contact:

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