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Jul 23

English Grammar (visual lesson): ‘Teach’ or ‘Learn’?

A teacher teaches students.

A student learns from their teacher.

INCORRECT: the teacher learns the student.

Teach Learn JPEG

Jul 02

Learn British English Free (video lesson): stand up / sit down

Learn British English Free: stand up; sit down

Stand / stand up

I stand up.

I am standing (up).

She stands up.

They all stood up when the judge entered the room.

Sit / sit down

I sit down on my chair to work.

I am sitting down.

*Stands up* I was sitting down.

Can I sit down? I’ve been standing up for ages.

I sat down to wait for the doctor.

Common mistakes:

INCORRECT: I am sat down. CORRECT: I am sitting down.

INCORRECT: we were stood quietly. CORRECT: we were standing quietly.

Oxford Dictionaries Blog.

May 23

Learn English Grammar: Remember or Remind

Remember or remind?

Tom remembers something (by himself)

Jane reminds Tom to do something and Tom then remembers

Remember Remind JPEG

Mar 05

Learn English: lend or borrow (visual lesson)

Borrower: I need money. Can I borrow money from you? Can you lend me money?

Lender: I can lend you money. You can borrow money from me.

Lend Borrow JPEG

Mar 02

English Prepositions: go to a place and be in a place


Feb 25

Visual English Grammar: Enough; Too Much; Too Many

Enough = the amount I want and / or need:

Enough Too Much Too Many JPEG

Feb 07

Visual Grammar: By; At; On; In for Time

By; At; On; In for Time in English:

By At On In Time JPEG

Feb 03

English Grammar: Used to Do Something or Be Used to (Doing) Something (Visual)

English Grammar: Used to Do Something or Be Used to (Doing) Something (Visual)

Used to Do Be Used to Doing JPEG

Jan 05

Learn English Grammar: you can’t imagine… (visual)

I think this is a useful one; used specially to emphasise how we are / how we’re feeling:


Dec 30

Learn English Grammar: as [adjective] as [something]

Some easy examples of the form: as [adjective] as (a / an) [noun]


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