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Apr 02

Learn British English Free (video): how to describe tea

Strength of tea:






“as it comes”


Mar 30

Learn British English Free: Brexit Timeline (video)

Please watch this explanation by Chris and see this visual for the information:

Feb 20

Learn British English Free (Youtube): Queueing Culture

Become a member:

Email Chris:

Full article:

Feb 12

Learn British English Pronunciation Free (video): strong and weak forms

Chris demonstrates the British pronunciation of strong and weak forms of common words such as “the”, “a”, “to” and “of”.

Feb 05

Learn British English Free: Useful Objects at Home (Visual Lesson with Captions)

Please watch carefully as Chris presents and pronounces the names of many useful everyday objects we use at home:

Jan 27

FREE English Conversation Practice video: British Comedies (part 2/2)

Please watch part 2 of my discussion with Harry and Charlie from Real English With Real Teachers about our favourite British comedies:

Jan 26

FREE English Conversation Practice video: British Comedies (part 1/2)

Please join me, Harry and Charlie for our conversation about our favourite British comedies that we recommend to you.
Please visit their channel for part 2:

Jan 22 : how to become a member

Chris shows you how to become a member on for only £2 per month.

Please click here to become a member:

Please click here for the example lesson about news in Cambridge (2016).

Please click here for my example lesson of “The Crown” (episode 1).

Jan 08

Learn British English Free (video lesson): “The Crown” (Episode 1)

Please click here for my PDF document where I’ve written the explanation for each piece of vocabulary.


Jan 02

Learn British English Free: 2017 (pronunciation video)

How to say 2017 in English:

Two-thousand and seventeen (formal)

Twenty-seventeen (informal)


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