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Sep 01

Learn British English Vocabulary Free (video): “prorogue” and “prorogation”

Chris explains “prorogue” and “prorogation”, including pronunciation and examples.

prorogue (verb)

“Boris has only gone and done it – he’s prorogued parliament.”

prorogation (noun)

“The prorogation of the UK parliament has caused a lot of protests and arguments.”

Via YouTube.

Aug 04

Learn British English Free (video): “deny” or “contradict”

Chris explains the difference between “deny” and “contradict”. Requested by Weronika on Facebook.

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Jun 30

Learn British English Free (video): sex or gender

Sex = male or female (biologically)

List of genders

Jun 09

Learn British English Free (video): ‘drunk’ or ‘high’

Chris explains the difference between being drunk and being high:

Apr 07

Learn British English Free (video lesson): marital status vocabulary

Chris talks about what different marital statuses mean in official UK documents:
single, never married or civil partnered
married, including separated (this category includes those in both opposite-sex and same-sex marriages) same sex marriages since March 2014
civil partnered, including separated (legal status)
divorced, including legally dissolved civil partners
widowed, including surviving civil partners

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Mar 10

Learn British English Free (video): I beg your pardon

I beg your pardon

Stronger: I do beg your pardon

Use when:

you don’t understand or need someone to repeat something

someone does or says something rude

you do something rude (like ‘excuse me’)

Pronunciation: your = /yuh/

Via YouTube.

Mar 10

Learn British English Free (video): poem by Chris “Gone and Here”

Via YouTube. Please read words below the video:

Do you see what I have missed?

It was here and now is gone.

But you differ and insist

it is a chance to wait upon.


Others do not see and block

the path circling the ground.

Still, they cannot stop the clock

that always comes around.


On another worldly plane

possible sits true and clear,

echoing a strange refrain

that does not translate here.


Here, though, is an empty space –

envy turning the sky green.

Shadowy dark rears its face,

always present and unseen.


Present, also, is the truth,

although rarely well defined,

which forms a pale, flawless tooth

that joins the bite that shapes the mind.


Give to me, or maybe take

(not contained within this rhyme).

At each point the gestures make

true wholeness that we see with time.


We lose what was, gain what will be –

gifts we cannot separate.

Is pain the same as ecstasy?

All we must  do is wait.

Feb 24

Learn British English Free (video): student poem reading

Chris reads a poem by student Evgeny from Russia:
Before you go, I’d like to let you know
that broken hopes can hardly be repaired.
My former friend, you’ve turned into my foe,
you waged this war before it was declared.

Forget my name and play your little game
with those who trust your treacherous endeavour.
My take on you will always be the same,
By lies of yours I’ll be affected never.

Via YouTube.

Feb 11

FREE English Speaking (Conversation) Club in Cambridge, England (Duolingo Events)

Chris invites you to the Cambridge English FREE Speaking Club (Duolingo Events).

Email Chris:

Facebook group:

Duolingo Events chapter:

Via YouTube:

Jan 27

Learn British English Free (video lesson): Reading Practice

Chris reads a BBC article about British and American sarcasm:

Here is the link for the table / meme:

Via YouTube.

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