Sep 11

British English vs American English Song

British English vs American English Song.

Music and lyrics by Chris Workman; August 2017.

Lyrics below and click here.

I don’t have a buck but I’ve got a fair few quid

Did you say you’ve got some sort of form for me to fill in?

I love travelling when it’s spelt with two l’s;

I didn’t dream a dream but I’ve dreamt a whole lot else

We’re perfect, not simple – relax, don’t get so tense;

I didn’t do my homework; I’ve done my homework in a sense;

that is the gist of this song from across the pond.


I’ve never dreamt a dream without a ‘t’ at the end;

don’t our tiny differences drive you round the bend?

Here we’ve got our booze on tap – what is a ‘faucet’?

(oh dear) Any words like that – keep them in the closet.

I’ve got new trousers; they’re soft to wear and touch;

urgh! Keep your pants to yourself; thank you very much!

Are you sure that we’re both really speaking English?


I’m standing on the pavement but can’t find the sidewalk;

is it cause you can’t understand a single word when I talk?

I’m joking (no not ‘kidding’)…never mind; I’ll see you later

Yeah, I’m breaking up, I’m in the lift; not the elevator.

Something wicked ain’t always a bummer

and don’t forget that autumn comes after summer


There seems to be a ladybird on my aubergine.

There’s a ladybug on your eggplant…what do you mean?

My favourite sport is football; please don’t call it soccer

those sorts of words should really stay in ‘yer locker

You have your own football, but why not just play rugby?

You always say ‘Your damn Britishisms bug me.’

We want to be understood with absolute precision;

we watch seasons through the year but not on the television.

Why did we ever think English was a piece of cake?


  1. Costa Redas

    “This video is unavailable”.

    1. ChrisWorkman

      You were right as it was scheduled on Youtube, but it’s available now!!

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