Mar 06

British Accent Podcast 7 Free to Download on Podomatic

British Accent Podcast 7 is a reading of “Sonnet 18″ by William Shakespeare, read by Chris from England.


Free downloads are available now:


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  1. João Leite

    Hi mate,
    Today we have someone important from Stratfor-upon- Avon.
    I envy all of these men, with so much inspiration, who gave us “masterpieces of all kind”, a legacy which can not be descrideb just by words but feelings.

    1. ChrisWorkman

      Well said! Enjoy your weekend.

      1. João Leite

        You too.

  2. João Leite

    Enjoy your sunday and I hope mine will be gorgeuos, at least I hope so, because tomorrow is my day off.
    Tonight I’m going to see a friend who plays in a band and I hope to have a good time there..
    All the best.

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