Mar 02

British Accent Podcast 22: “The Tyger” by William Blake

Please listen to and download my free British Accent Podcast 22 now.


It is a reading of “The Tyger” by William Blake:



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  1. João Leite

    Hi Chris,
    How was your weekend? Did have a good time? Any football match?
    As I can see, you are very fan of William Blake.
    Enjoy you week.
    João Leite.

    1. ChrisWorkman

      Hi mate, fine thanks, what about you? My team, Liverpool, won again.

      You are absolutely right. Blake and John Donne are my favourite poets.

      1. João Leite

        So, I want to listen you reading John Donne so soon.
        I’m curious to know much more about both of them. Let me finish to read my book ‘La Ciudad y los Perros” by Mario Vargas LLosa. I knew you publish something about London, but I still diddn’t read, but I’ll do. I writing to you listening to Adele, the show she made at Royal Albert Hall.
        All the best,
        João Leite.

      2. João Leite

        Oh Chris, I spent my weekend working and today is my day off.
        I like football too and my favourites teams in Brazil are: Corinthians in São Paulo and Flamengo in Rio de Janeiro.
        Sorry about some mystakes I do in English, but I type so fast that I see only after sending them.

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