May 09

Learn British English Free: “Hot” Weather Synonyms

In the UK, we are enjoying (or not) our first hot spell of the year. Here are some synonyms we use to describe hot weather:

Boiling; toasty; baking; scorching; sweltering; blistering; sizzling; balmy

Hot Weather JPEG

May 07

Learn British English Free: “Pronouns and their Antecedents” (video lesson)

This lesson is a reading of online article “Pronouns and Their Antecedents” from the Psychology Today website. Please enable English captions (subtitles) to read.


May 03

English Premier League (football): congratulations to Leicester City (video lesson)

Pronunciation: Leicester /ˌlɛstə(r)/

A long shot = an unlikely occurrence

Dark horses (unexpected contenders)

Football, not soccer


May 01

British English Pronunciation Practice IX (free video lesson)

Chris presents FREE British English pronunciation practice of the following:

Fortunately /ˈfɔː.tʃən.ə

Unfortunately /’ʌn.fɔː.tʃən.ə or /ʌnˈfɔː.tʃən.ə

Actually /ˈæk.tʃu.ə.li/

Homesick /ˈhəʊm.sɪk/

Knuckle /ˈnʌk.əl/

Rhythm /ˈrɪð.əm/

Mortgage /ˈmɔː.ɡɪdʒ/

Knack /næk/

Crumb /krʌm/

Debt /det/

Tomb /tuːm/


Apr 20

Forgetting words in your own language (free video lesson)

Chris talks about being a native English speaker and still forgetting about certain words and how to pronounce them:

Anonymous (adjective) /əˈnɒn.ɪ.məs/

Anonymity (noun) /ˌæn.ɒnˈɪm.ə.ti/


Apr 11

British English vs American English: Lollipop lady (man) or Crossing Guard

Lollipop lady (or man) vs Crossing Guard (American), thanks to Andria from our English Language Group on Facebook:

Lollipop JPEG

Apr 06

Learn British English Free: Common Hand Gestures (video)

This lesson is about common British hand gestures:
Fingers: index finger; middle finger; ring finger; little finger; thumb
Counting: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 10 (no thumb for one; don’t turn fingers around on two)
Thumbs up
Beckoning (index finger and all fingers)
OK / perfect (ring gesture)
Wave (hello / goodbye)


Apr 04

Learn British English Free: Vocabulary to Describe Specific Quantities (video)

This lesson is about vocabulary for specific quantities:

one – single (person; travel ticket)

two – pair (socks; trousers), couple (people)

three – trio

six – half a dozen (eggs)

twelve – dozen (eggs; jurors)

thirteen – baker’s dozen

twenty – score

twenty-four – two dozen

one hundred – century (years; runs [cricket]) / a ton (runs [cricket])

one thousand – grand (money)


Apr 03

Learn British English Free: 1,000,000 Total Views

1,000,000 total views! Cheers!!

+Learn British English Free on Youtube and Google Plus:


Learn British English Free 1000000 views JPEG

Apr 03

British English vs American English: Guide Dog (UK) vs Seeing-eye Dog (US)

An original from Jo in our English Language Group on Facebook.

Guide Dog (UK)

Seeing-eye Dog (US)


Guide Dog

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