Nov 27

“Pleb” (UK News – Andrew Mitchell MP)


Nov 26

Internet English: Facebook and Google (verbs – free video)


This free lesson is about usage of website names Facebook and Google as verbs in modern (informal) English:


Nov 26

British English Body Slang Vocabulary (visual)


Body Slang

Nov 24

British Slang Podcast 40: “Banter”


British Slang Podcast 40 is about the slang noun, “banter”. Please listen and download below and do the same with all the free podcasts on the British English website as well as the iTunes store:


Nov 23

Free English video lesson: “Never Ever”


In this lesson, I explain how to use the words “never” and “ever”, giving many examples. Please see below for more:


Learn English: Never Ever?


Use “ever” and “never” before the verb (after the pronoun / tense construct)


“Have you ever been there / done that?” (Have you once in your life?)


“Have you ever been there?” “No, I’ve never been there.”


“Have you ever been there?” “Yes, once.”


“I’ve never been there” = “I haven’t been there once”


Ever = all time


“I’ve only ever been there once (in my whole life)”


“Ever” for emphasis:


“It’s the best place I’ve ever been.”


“That was the best film I’ve ever seen.”


Do not ever do that = Never do that


Don’t ever, ever do that = Never ever do that (use extra “ever” for emphasis)


“I’ve never, ever been there” (emphasising that you haven’t been there once)

Nov 23

Learn British English: “Freezing” (weather)


Nov 21

“Scarborough Fair / Canticle” Acoustic Cover Music Video with Lyrics


“Scarborough Fair / Canticle” (Traditional English song). Please enable English captions to read the lyrics:


Nov 20

“Tear” Homographs – free English video


“tear” (verb) /teə(r)/ vs “tear” (noun) /tɪə(r)/


Homographs: words spelt the same with different pronunciations and meanings


“Tear a piece of paper” or “Tear it up” (verb)


“Tear in your eye” (noun)


Nov 18

Scotland vs England “Friendly” – 19 November 2014


“Friendly match” – a non-competitive football match


Friendly matches are played by clubs and countries for practice and entertainment.


Scotland vs England tonight!


Technically a friendly match, although is it an appropriate term?


Nov 17

British Slang Podcast 39: “Torrid”


British Slang Podcast 39 is about multiple slang uses of the adjective “torrid”.


Please listen and download for free:



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