Oct 27

British “Loo” Slang – Free Video


British Slang: Loo


“Loo” is a slang synonym for “toilet”, very often used by the British and extremely common in the UK:


Oct 27

British Accent Podcast 36: “Jerusalem”


British Accent Podcast 36 is a reading of “Jerusalem” by William Blake. The reading is by Chris in a southern English accent.


Please listen and download for free:


Oct 27

Visual Vocabulary: British English vs American English


Please see below for some British English vs American English visual vocabulary contrasts:


BrE AmE photos

Oct 26

British Summer Time (BST) vs Daylight Saving Time (DST)


British Summer Time (BST) is the term used in Britain for putting the clocks forward one hour during summer months.


Daylight Saving Time (DST) is the term for the same period in the U.S.



Oct 26

BST changes to GMT


BST = British Summer Time


GMT = Greenwich Mean Time


The clocks went back this morning as we changed from BST to GMT:


Oct 26

35 Free British Accent Podcasts


There are now 35 British Accent Podcasts free for you to listen to and download, with more coming!



Oct 23

“Bathroom” Vocabulary – British and American English


bathroom vocab BrE AmE

Oct 23

2014’s British Words of the Year – Independent


“Overshare” and “photobomb” are 2014’s words of the year.


Please read all about them and others in this Independent (UK newspaper) article.

Oct 21

British Slang Podcast 36: Chuffed

British Slang Podcast 36 is about the adjective “chuffed” which has a similar meaning to “pleased” and “happy”.


Please listen and download for free, below. Here are the other episodes:



Oct 21

British English vs American English: two more words (free video)



/’di:teɪls/ (British) vs /də’teɪls/ (American)



/ɪn’kwaɪri:/ (British) vs /’ɪnkwəri:/ (American)


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