Nov 25

Learn British English Free: Wondering about Wandering (video)

This free lesson explains the difference between “wonder” and “wander”. Please see below for definitions:

Wonder (verb)
Desire to know something; feel curious

Wonder (noun)
Something amazing
“Stonehenge is one of the seven wonders of the world.”

Wander (verb)
Walk or move in a leisurely or aimless way

Wanderer (noun)
A person who travels aimlessly; a traveller


Nov 22

Learn British English Free: Synonyms for Cold Weather (pronunciation video)

Pronunciation Practice: synonyms for cold weather
Biting; nippy; chilly; freezing; parky; perishing; raw; wintry


Nov 22

Learn British English Free: Cold Weather Synonyms

Including: nippy; chilly; parky; freezing.

Cold Weather JPEG

Nov 21

Learn British English Free: Regional Nicknames

Person is from Noun
Glasgow Glaswegian
Newcastle Geordie
Liverpool Scouser
Manchester Manc
Birmingham Brummie
East London Cockney
London Londoner
Plymouth Janner

Regional Nicknames JPEG

Nov 19

Learn British English Free: “Lift” or “Elevator”

The British term is “lift”.

The U.S. term is “elevator”.

Lift Elevator JPEG

Nov 18

Waffle (on) verb – British Vs American English

“Waffle (on)” verb

British meaning: to talk too much

American meaning: to be indecisive

Waffle on JPEG

Nov 17

Learn British English Free: British Slang (fifth visual)

Slang Term Meaning Example
Daft (adjective) Stupid He can be a bit daft after a drink or two.
Gobsmacked (adjective) Too surprised to speak She’ll be gobsmacked when she hears the news.
Grand (noun) £1,000 I owe my cousin two grand.
Starving (adjective) Very hungry My son’s starving, he hasn’t eaten for three hours.
Waffle (verb) Talk too much Our new teacher doesn’t half waffle on.

British Slang V JPEG

Nov 15

Learn British English Free: British Slang (fourth visual)

Slang Term Meaning Example
Beastly (adjective) Nasty, unpleasant His new girlfriend is beastly.
Bladdered (adjective) Drunk It’s been a long day, let’s get bladdered.
Strop (noun) A tantrum You’ll have to wait a moment, my son’s having a strop.
Ta Thanks That’s kind of you, ta.
Uni (noun) University She wants to study modern languages at uni.

British Slang IV JPEG

Nov 15

More Phrasal Verbs with “Get” and Examples

Phrasal Verbs3 JPEG

Nov 14

Phrasal Verbs with “Get” (with some examples)

Phrasal Verbs2 JPEG

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