Jun 25

Names for Stages of Sporting Tournaments in English (free video lesson)

In this free lesson I explain names in English of the stages of the Euro 2016 tournament (see also the visual I posted earlier, below):

Group stage

Round of 16





Jun 25

Learn English Free: Euro 2016 Competition Stage Names (visual)

Euro 2016 Stage Names JPEG

Jun 23

Euro 2016: the Home Nations (free video lesson)

The home nations term refers to the countries of the UK: England, Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland (who didn’t qualify for Euro 2016). The Republic of Ireland are sometimes included as a home nation.

“All three home nations have qualified for the round of 16.” (England, Wales, Northern Ireland)


“All four home nations have qualified for the round of 16.” (Including the Republic of Ireland)

Jun 19

Learn British English Free: Overuse of “Just” and “So” (video lesson)

In this message, Chris explains how native speakers overuse “just” and “so” in modern spoken English.


Jun 12

Last-gasp (free video lesson)

Last-gasp (adjective)

“Russia equalised with a last-gasp header”


Jun 09

Free Video Lesson: English Football – Club Nicknames and Euro 2016

This lesson is about the nicknames for English football clubs in preparation for the 2016 European Championships in France. Please see notes below.


Blades = Sheffield United (steel and cutlery industry)

Cherries = Bournemouth (stadium built on a cherry tree orchard)

Citizens = Manchester City (comes from City)

Foxes = Leicester City (foxhunting popular in area)

Gunners = Arsenal

People who founded the club worked at an ammunitions factory

Potters = Stoke City (links to local pottery industry)

Reds = Liverpool

Red Devils = Manchester United

Robins = Swindon Town / Bristol City

Glovers = Yeovil Town (local glove-making industry)

U’s = Cambridge United


Jun 05

Learn British English Free: EU Referendum News (video)

Question: “Should the United Kingdom remain a member of the European Union or leave the European Union?”

BBC All you Need to Know:


Remain campaign “Britain Stronger in Europe”:


“Vote Leave” (“Brexit”):



May 09

Learn British English Free: “Hot” Weather Synonyms

In the UK, we are enjoying (or not) our first hot spell of the year. Here are some synonyms we use to describe hot weather:

Boiling; toasty; baking; scorching; sweltering; blistering; sizzling; balmy

Hot Weather JPEG

May 07

Learn British English Free: “Pronouns and their Antecedents” (video lesson)

This lesson is a reading of online article “Pronouns and Their Antecedents” from the Psychology Today website. Please enable English captions (subtitles) to read.


May 03

English Premier League (football): congratulations to Leicester City (video lesson)

Pronunciation: Leicester /ˌlɛstə(r)/

A long shot = an unlikely occurrence

Dark horses (unexpected contenders)

Football, not soccer


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