Oct 26

English Collocations: Adjective + “Decision” (noun)

Please see below for some of the most common adjectives we use with the noun “decision”:


Oct 23

Learn English: Activities with “Go”…

There are many activities in English which we can discuss using “go” and the -ing form of the verb. Which ones do you enjoy?


Oct 23

Learn British English Free: “Sorry” + Prepositions


Oct 22

British Slang Podcast 49: Fella

“Fella” (noun) – a man. (Synonym of “mate”.)

“Hello, fella. How are you?”

“You can trust Richard, he’s a jolly good fella.”


Oct 22

English Prepositions + Verbs -ing (visual lesson)


Oct 21

English Verb Patterns: Verb -ing, to + Verb

This visual helps you understand which verbs take certain forms of other verbs. There are a selection of those that take a verb with –ing after (e.g. “He admits stealing the wallet”; “Have you considered taking a different approach?”); those that are followed by to + verb (e.g. “I agree to do that”; “He’s offered to help you study for the next month”) and a few that take both (e.g. “I began to feel tired”; “I began feeling tired”):



Oct 20

British Slang Podcast 48: “Broody”

“Broody” (adjective)

Someone, usually a female, who feels like they want to have a baby.

“All this talk of families and babies is making her broody.”


Oct 20

Learn British English Free: Pronunciation Challenge (Days of the Week)

Please enable captions (subtitles) on Youtube or Facebook to participate.


Oct 19

British Slang Podcast 47: Kit

Kit (noun)

“Kit” is a noun which describes the clothes or uniform of a sports person or team.

“Are you going to buy Leicester’s new kit for this season?”


Oct 18

British Slang Podcast 46: “Lairy”

“Lairy” (adjective)

Someone displaying aggressive, argumentative or confrontational behaviours.

“Stay away from him – he’s well lairy.”


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