Aug 19

Band 5 Staff Nurse Jobs and Vacancies at Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge, England, UK


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Welcome to registered nurses across the world.


My name is Chris and I work in recruitment at Addenbrooke’s Hospital in Cambridge, England.


I want you to know that we have lots of jobs for competent, qualified nurses available all the time.


We have adverts open constantly for every ward and department, such as:


Emergency Department


Critical Care






Cancer and Haematology




and many more.


Please visit the website below and apply for your desired area:


And this page gives you more information about nursing at Addenbrooke’s:


We also offer relocation assistance for people who move a long way to work here.


That means you get £1,000 from us if you do that.


Then, when you work here, you can get more money by referring a friend who gets a job here, too!


To learn more and speak to our friendly and helpful Nurse Recruitment team, please call (+44) 01223 256057 or (+44) 01223 217038.


And you can email us:


Please contact us and apply online for a job now.


We look forward to greeting you in Cambridge and working with you.


Take care.


See you soon.

Aug 18

British Slang Podcast 26: “on the dole”

British Slang Podcast 26 explains “on the dole”, an idiom describing someone who is unemployed (doesn’t have a job).


Please listen and download for free, below:


Aug 14

British Slang Podcast 25: “Skint”

British Slang Podcast 25 is free to listen to and download, below. It is about the adjective “skint”, which refers to people who have no money.


The entire series can be found here:


This is the RSS feed:


Aug 13

British Accent Podcast 27

Please listen to and download this British Accent Podcast about the pronunciation of English shapes:


Aug 10

British Slang Podcast 24: “Loaded” / “Minted”

British Slang Podcast 24 is free to listen to and download, below.


It is about the slang words “loaded” and “minted”, which both mean “rich”.


Please use the site to follow the full series:


Aug 05

Learn British English: Slang and Money Free Video

In this lesson, I explain (and show) British money, coins and notes, including slang. Please enable English captions:


Aug 03

Learn English Colours (British Accent Podcast 2)

Please revise your colours in English below and click on the link to listen to my free British Accent Podcast on the subject.


Jul 31

British Slang Podcast 23: “Leg it”

In British Slang Podcast 23, I explain the phrasal verb “leg it”, a synonym for “run”.


Please listen and download for free, below:


Jul 29

British Slang Podcast 22: “Touchy”

British Slang Podcast 22 is now free to listen to and download. below.


It is about the word “touchy”, which is slang for “sensitive”:


Jul 27

British English vs American English Challenge II Explained – Free Video

In this lesson, I explain my second British English vs American English Challenge, found here.


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