Jul 16

26 Weird Words (free video lesson)

Chris reads this article for you:



noun – admiration of a particular part of someone’s body




verb – to drink often; to eat and/or drink noisily




noun – coastal navigation; the exclusive right of a country to control the air traffic within its borders




noun – old English word for bagpipe




adjective – of, pertaining to, or resembling a hedgehog


Although she won’t know what it means, never, ever tell your date Erin that she is “looking quite erinaceous this evening.”




noun – in Turkey and some other countries, a decree or mandate issued by the sovereign




noun – a tax on salt




noun – a platform of a staircase where the stair turns back in exactly the reverse direction of the lower flight




verb – to pawn or mortgage something




adjective – pertaining to breakfast




noun – fear of failure


This is the last word that someone with kakorrhaphiophobia would want to encounter in a spelling bee.


Or when reading an article for an English lesson.




noun – loudness and clarity of enunciation




adjective – having a good sense of smell




noun – the day before yesterday




noun – outdated word meaning “armpit”




adjective – uttering few words; brief in speech


If you had to figure out how to use this word in context, you probably wouldn’t say much either.




noun – two dozen sheets of paper




noun – small shoot growing from the root of a plant




noun – high-waisted skiing pants with shoulder straps




noun – a small quantity of something left over


Undoubtedly the biggest eyebrow-raiser on this list!




adjective – having wooly or crispy hair




noun – a sickly or weak person, especially one who is constantly and morbidly concerned with his or her health




noun – style of shoe or boot in the 1950s with a sharp and long pointed toe




verb – to gulp down quickly and greedily




noun – hand of cards containing no card above a nine




noun – delusion of a person who believes himself changed into an animal

Jul 12

Theresa May, UK Prime Minister (video)

David Cameron steps down (resigns) on Wednesday

Theresa May is remain-supporting Conservative

Was Home Secretary, dealing with immigration amongst other matters

First female Prime Minister since Margaret Thatcher, second overall

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn under pressure

Jul 08

Oxford English Dictionary Update (video lesson)


Jul 07

British Political News (video): Theresa May vs Andrea Leadsom (Brexit)

Theresa May (Remainer) vs Andrea Leadsom (Brexiter)
Brexit (noun): British Exit – the UK’s exit from the EU
Remainer (noun): someone who wanted to remain in the EU
Brexiter (noun): someone who wanted to leave the EU


Jul 03

Learn English (Euro 2016): Quarters and Semis

Quarter-finals = quarters

Semi-finals = semis

“France and Ireland are playing tonight in the last of the quarters. The winning team will progress to join Portugal, Wales and Germany in the semis.”

Jul 02

British English vs American English: Amidst, Amongst, Whilst (visual)

Whilst both forms are used in British and American English, it’s far more likely you’ll hear / read the ones with “st” at the end when amongst Britons:

British English vs American English key words JPEG

Jun 30

Learn English FREE: “Move the Goalposts” idiom (video lesson)

To change the rules while someone is trying to do something in order to make it more difficult for them.

“We’d almost signed the contract when the other guys moved the goalposts and said they wanted more money.”
“I’m never going to get this done whilst you keep moving the goalposts!!”

Jun 26

English Lessons on Skype with a Native British Speaker (free video)

Lesson Subjects

1) British Accents and Pronunciation

2) British English Vs American English and Others

3) British Slang

4) Communication

5) IELTS Speaking Test or conversation practice

6) Further lessons if agreed


Lessons are 60 minutes (one hour) long


Lesson Costs

£25.00 per lesson

Or, if you pay everything in advance:

£90.00 for lessons 1 – 4

£120.00 for lessons 1 – 5

£25.00 each for additional lessons as agreed

£15.00 for informal conversation lessons


Proof Reading

I also offer proof reading to help you improve your written English.

The charge is £0.70 per 100 words.

For example:

1,000 words costs £7.00,

2,000 words costs £14.00.


I can accept payment via bank transfer or Paypal.

To book, please email me: cjworkman17@yahoo.com


Jun 26

UK Referendum & Brexit News (video)

UK votes to leave the EU; to Brexit

UK will leave the EU in about two years’ time

Prime Minister David Cameron resigns

Many of the Labour party’s shadow cabinet have resigned today

Plenty of arguments about whether it was the right decision; immigration; economy; NHS

Scotland could try another independence referendum to stay in the EU


Jun 25

Names for Stages of Sporting Tournaments in English (free video lesson)

In this free lesson I explain names in English of the stages of the Euro 2016 tournament (see also the visual I posted earlier, below):

Group stage

Round of 16





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