Dec 14

British Accents – British Council (Free Podcasts)


Please listen below to these amazing podcasts giving examples of many of the accents from around the UK:


Dec 14

British English Birds (Visual Vocabulary)


Please see below for vocabulary about British birds:



Dec 13

“Brummie” (Birmingham) Accent Least Attractive – YouGov


“Brummie” (Birmingham accent) has been voted the least attractive in a UK YouGov poll. What do you think?


Accent Map YouGov

Dec 12

British Slang Podcast 43: “Tad”


“It’s a tad chilly at the moment.”


Dec 12

British responses to “thank you” – free English video


You’re welcome

Don’t mention it

Not at all


That’s fine

No problem

No worries

My pleasure


Dec 08

British Slang Podcast 42: “Nightmare / ‘Mare”


British Slang Podcast 42 is about the word “nightmare”, which can be shortened to ‘mare in colloquial speech:


“Don’t give the work to Chloe, she’s having a ‘mare today.”


Dec 08

Free English Video: “Nippy” & “Chilly” British Vocabulary


Dec 01

British Slang Podcast 41: “Beef”


“Ben’s having a strop again, could someone please talk to him and find out what his beef is?”


British Slang Podcast 41 is about “beef” and is free for you to listen to and download, now:



Nov 30

British Slang for Parts of the Body


British English Accent Training Lesson 45 is about the pronunciation and British accent of some English slang terms for many parts of the body:


Nov 29

“Practice” (noun) vs “practise” (verb) – free video


In British English…


The noun, “practice”, is spelt with a “c”.


The verb, “practise” is spelt with a “s”.




“Let’s do some English practice.” (noun)


“Let’s practise our English.” (verb)


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