Apr 21

Phonemic Poem 3: /ɔɪ/

Chris reads Phonemic Poem 3 about the /ɔɪ/ sound on Learn British English Free.

Please click here for the poem document.

Phonemic Poem 3: /ɔɪ/

Oi there, boy! Don’t be coy.

Eye, a, e; toil is no joy.

Annoying sounds your tongue will foil.

Don’t recoil: ale, aisle, eel, oil.

Oily ointment; pointing spoils choice.

This loyal noise now joins your voice.

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Apr 15

Learn British English Free: Phonemic Poem 2: /ɪ/ or /i:/

Chris reads Phonemic Poem 2: /ɪ/ or /i:/.

Please click here for the poem document.

Phonemic Poem 2: /ɪ/ or /i:/

Bold = /ɪ/

Underlined = /i:/ (ee)

Bitch or beach? Hit or heat?

All he likes is eating meat.

TV in bits – see or miss?

It’s not easy saying these or this.

Six chicken pieces please.

Fill up, feel full with chips in cheese.

Clean misty windows; seat, sit.

Glean it with ease. In a bit!

Apr 14

Learn British English Free: Phonemic Poem 1: /ɑ:/ sound

Chris presents Phonemic Poem 1 on the /ɑ:/ sound.

Click here for the poem document.

Phonemic Poem 1: /ɑ:/

Hat, hot, heart; the hurt has started.

Yawn, yearn, yarn; the fear has parted.

Car can’t start. Glass on grass!

Tat, tort, tart; fast can pass.

For or far; the past can’t last;

charm friends with this classy blast.

Mar 31

English Egg Idioms for Easter! (visual lesson)

ris wishes you happy Easter with these English idioms with ‘egg':

Egg Idioms JPEG

Mar 13

“The Chaos” (of pronunciation) full poem in a British accent

Chris reads “The Chaos” (the full poem) by by G. Nolst Trenité a.k.a. “Charivarius”.

Via YouTube.

Mar 10

“The Chaos” (English pronunciation poem) in a British accent (video)

Chris reads “The Chaos” (English pronunciation poem) by by G. Nolst Trenité a.k.a. “Charivarius”.

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Mar 04

Learn British English Free: phrasal verbs with fuck (rude)

fuck someone off ( Oh, fuck off. / Oh dear, you’ve fucked him right off.)

fuck someone over (The insurance company fucked me over.)

fuck with someone (Don’t fuck with Martin – he’s fucking crazy.)

fuck with something (Our car would probably still be running if you didn’t fuck with it all the time.)

fuck about (Would you stop fucking about for five minutes?)

fuck someone about (He would trust you if you hadn’t spent your whole life fucking him about.)

fuck around (He had to retake his first year of university as he spent it fucking around.)

fuck someone around  (Don’t fuck him around – just help him.)

fuck someone up (Give me a cup of tea or I’ll fuck you right up.)

fuck something up (You had a simple job to do but you still fucked it up.)

fuck up (I do apologise – I completely fucked that up.)

Via Youtube.

Feb 17

Learn British English Free (video): how to pronounce verbs with -ed endings

Chris presents this special pronunciation lesson.
/t/ or /d/ = /ɪd/
voiced sound = /d/
unvoiced sound = /t/

via YouTube.

Jan 28

Learn British English Free (video): Easy Maths and Numbers

Chris presents this special lesson about easy maths and numbers in British English.
+ add / plus
– minus / take away
x times
÷ divided by
= equals / is
2 + 16 = 18 (two add sixteen equals eighteen)
12 + 28 = 40 (twelve plus twenty-eight is forty)
13 – 6 = 7 (thirteen minus six equals seven)
77 – 33 = 44 (seventy-seven take away thirty-three is forty-four)
3 x 7 = 21 (three times seven equals twenty-one)
8 x 10 = 80 (eight times ten is eighty)
36 ÷ 12 = 3 (thirty-six divided by twelve equals three)

via YouTube.

Jan 21

Learn British English Pronunciation Free: flood, floor and more (video lesson)

flood /flʌd/

floor /flɔːr/

flew /fluː/

flow /fləʊ/

flower /flaʊər/

‘A fierce flow flooded the floor.’

‘The flickering flame flowed and flew over the floor to the door.’

‘Flowers fought off the flood of flames.’

‘Flamingos flew over the flowers.’

Via Youtube.

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