Oct 23

“Bathroom” Vocabulary – British and American English


bathroom vocab BrE AmE

Oct 23

2014’s British Words of the Year – Independent


“Overshare” and “photobomb” are 2014’s words of the year.


Please read all about them and others in this Independent (UK newspaper) article.

Oct 21

British Slang Podcast 36: Chuffed

British Slang Podcast 36 is about the adjective “chuffed” which has a similar meaning to “pleased” and “happy”.


Please listen and download for free, below. Here are the other episodes:



Oct 21

British English vs American English: two more words (free video)



/’di:teɪls/ (British) vs /də’teɪls/ (American)



/ɪn’kwaɪri:/ (British) vs /’ɪnkwəri:/ (American)


Oct 19

Old Habits Die Hard – free video


Idiom: old habits die hard


Describes a habit which is difficult to stop:


“He’s having real difficulty stopping smoking. Old habits die hard.”


Oct 19

Free English idiom video: get the wrong end of the stick


Idiom: get the wrong end of the stick


To misunderstand (negatively)


“Oh dear! It’s not as bad as I thought. I got the wrong end of the stick.”


Oct 19

Learn British English: Weather Vocabulary


Weather Vocab

Oct 18

Learn British English: Tuck in


Oct 16

British Quantities – Free Video


a couple / a pair (of) = 2

a few = 3 to 7 (approx.)

a fair few = lots

a shed load (of) = a very large quantity


Oct 12

British Slang Podcast 35: “Freezing”


Please listen to and download British Slang Podcast 35 below, for free!


It’s about the slang adjective we use to describe the weather when it’s very cold, “freezing”:



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