Sep 21

Learn British English: Scotland Votes No (free video)

In this short lesson, I discuss some of the repercussions of Scotland voting “no” to independence. Please see below:



Scotland Votes No


No: 2,000,000+

Yes: 1,600,000+


Alex Salmond resigns as First Minister of Scotland


Devolution (noun) / devolve (verb)

the transfer or delegation of power to a lower level, especially by central government to local or regional administration


The result has sparked debate and discussion about devolution of more powers to Scotland, and the other UK nations as well.


Latest from the BBC:

Sep 15

Free English Grammar Video: “should have” not “should of”

In this free English lesson, I explain a very common grammatical mistake and how to avoid it:


Sep 14

British Accent Podcast Series – More to Download Free


Please go to now to listen to and download the entire British Accent Podcast series for free. It’s unlimited!


British Accent Podcasts Three Links JPEG

Sep 13

Learn British Slang: “Cuppa” (free video)

“Cuppa” means a cup of tea.


“He loves a good cuppa in the morning.”


Please stay tuned for the British Slang Podcast in the coming days.


Sep 13

British Slang Podcast 31: “Butcher’s”

British Slang Podcast 31 discusses the usage of a cockney rhyming slang term: “butcher’s (hook)” which means “look”.


Please listen and download for free, below:



Sep 09

Free English Video: Time Expressions and Verbs

A Timely Lesson


Please watch this short lesson and read the notes below it:


Spend time

“She likes to spend time learning foreign languages.”


Use time

“She gets into the office early and uses the time to catch up on her emails.”


Save time

“She saves time by driving to work via the most efficient route.”


Kill time

“She kills time by chatting to her friends.”


Waste time

“She wastes times by watching old t.v. programmes she’s seen before.”


Popular cliché:

“Time flies (when you’re having fun).”

Sep 09

Shakespeare Translated into Modern English (visual)


Sep 08

Learn British Slang: preggers / bun in the oven

Preggers (slang adjective): pregnant


Bun in the oven (slang idiom): pregnant


“Kate Middleton is preggers again.”


“Princess Kat has got another bun in the oven.”


Sep 07

British Slang Podcast 30: “Blower”

British Slang Podcast 30 is free to listen to and download, below.


“Blower” is a slang noun which is a substitute for “(tele)phone”:



Sep 06

Learn British English: “Please” and “Thank You”

Please see below for a really grand visual about “please” and “thank you” in British English:


Please and Thank You

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