Jul 21

British Slang Podcast 20: “Pretty”

Please listen to and download the new, free British Slang Podcast about how we use the word “pretty” as a synonym for “quite”, below:



Jul 20

British English vs American English Challenge I Explained – Free Video

In this lesson, I read and explain my first British English vs American English Challenge which you can find here.


Jul 17

British Slang Podcast 19: “Fit”

British Slang Podcast is available. It is about the adjective “fit” which has a slang usage to describe someone who is physically attractive.


Please listen and download for free, below:


Jul 17

Learn English Grammar: “Word Crimes” by Weird Al Yankovic

Please watch this funny and educational music video about English grammar called “Word Crimes”:


Jul 15

British Slang Podcast 18: “Fancy”

Please listen to and download British Slang Podcast 18 about our verb “fancy”, using the link below:



Jul 15

“Proverbs of Hell” by William Blake – English Reading Practice

In this lesson, I read William Blake’s “Proverbs of Hell”. Please enable English captions to read along:


Jul 07

British Slang Podcast 17: “Skipper”

British Slang Podcast 17 is the last on a World Cup theme and is about the word, “skipper”, which means “captain” of the team.


Please listen and download, below:


Jul 02

Learn British English: World Cup Heartbreak

Heartbreak (noun)


To have a broken heart (idiom)


“Some brave teams like Chile, Algeria, Switzerland, Greece and the USA suffered World Cup heartbreak in the round of 16.”

Jun 30

English Folk Song Cover : “Who Will Sing me Lullabies”

This is a performance of the English folk song “Who Will Sing me Lullabies”, originally by Kate Rusby. Please enable English captions for dialogue and lyrics.


Jun 29

Learn British English: Free Podcasts

Please listen to and download all my free podcasts using the links below:


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